This is where you can find information on any of our Peridot-Our Savior's Lutheran Crusaders' Sports Teams. If you are interested in coaching or being involved with any athletics, please contact our Athletic Director Mr. Luke Zeamer. 

Sports Commitment Form

Please click on this link to open the Sports Commitment. All student must sign this form and return it to school before joining any athletic program. Please read it in FULL so you know what is expected. Thank you!

Athletic Program Standards

Our athletic program follows the "3 A's." The 3 A's are Attitude, Academics, and Attendance.

Wherever our athletes are, we want to reflect an attitude that reflects Christ. Examples of this are listening and respecting coaches, sportsmanship, and positive encouragement.

In order for our athletes to practice and compete, they are expected to take responsibility for their academics. This is shown by student-athletes doing their homework and keeping their grades up.

If athletes want to play, they need to be at practice. As students study for a test, athletes need practice in order to play in the game.

The Athletic Director and coaches reserve the right to withhold playing time if student-athletes do not meet these standards.

Sports we Offer:

Track & Field

Flag Football
Track & Field

Sports Updates:

When a sport is about to start, a sign-up sheet will be passed around starting with the older grades. The sheet will continue to be passed to the next grade lower until there are enough students to have a team. Please talk to your child if they signed up or are interested.

Most of our practices are held on campus and will start immediately after school at 3:15. Practices typically last one hour. Please make sure your child has a ride home after practice or let Mr. Zeamer or the school know if something happens.

We understand the risks involved in playing sports especially during these COVID times, but we will be taking measures to ensure your child's safety. Some measures include sanitizing equipment before and after practice, wearing masks, and being socially distant when applicable. Coaches and players will be taught and be expected to follow these procedures.

If your child is interested in playing sports this year, we would ask that both your child and you look over our COVID Waiver form and sign it. The waiver form will be handed out in the coming weeks.

We hope that as soon as we can be full-day in-person school, we can return to sports and practices after school. If and when that happens, we would start with our fall sports, flag football for the boys and volleyball for the girls.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Winter Sports

On Sunday, December 5th, all basketball players and parents/guardians are encouraged to come to Peridot Church for the service. After the service, there will be an informational meeting. This meeting will include expectations, schedules, and any other things related to the basketball season.

Basketball practice starts for the A-team on Monday, December 6th. The A-team boys consist of 6th-8th grade boys. The A-team girls consist of 7th-8th grade girls. As mentioned above, practices will start at 3:15 and last until 4:30.

B-team practices will start the week of December 13th. Due to the limited space, B-team will practice on the smaller court next to the playground. B-team boys will practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. B-team girls will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. B-team boys consist of 4th-5th grade boys. B-team girls consist of 5th-6th grade girls.

If you'd like to help out in any way, please contact Mr. Zeamer on his cell or contact the school.