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Music: a Core Subject of General Education

Music is taught to all students in each grade. As Lutheran educators we believe the compelling research on the necessity of the fine arts on students character, intellect and gift with which to praise our Savior and teach Music as a core subject through out the K-8 years. Through these five disiplines, the student is given a well-rounded, highly applicable, brain-engaging general music education to serve him/her for the present and future. 

Music Theory (notation, counting, rhythm, vocabulary etc)

Music Composition (writing down and creating melody and harmony and beat)

Music History (composers and musicians through out the history of the world)

Music Appreciation (various genres of music: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Ethnic World Music, Classical, Pop, Instrumental)

Music Performance (learning to play an instruments)

Musical Performance is achieved in these manners: 

ALL STUDENTS learn to play: 
Bucket drums, Boom-Wackers, Rhythm Cups, Suzuki Hand Chimes, and the voice as an instrument

K-2: concentrate on Suzuki Rhythm instruments and Boom-Wackers
3-4: concentrate on Soprano Recorders
5-8: concentrate on Soprano Ukuleles

Mrs. Debbie Dietrich teaches our general K-8 Music class each Tuesday. She spends 45 minutes with each class teaching pitch through singing games and solfege, reviews a musician of the month and opens the world of music through appreciation and history, teaches theory and composition and provides weekly lessons on performance of various instruments. 


Orchestral piano lessons are high quality lessons taught at an engaging pace in small groups on multiple electronic weighted key pianos using iPads as our notebooks. These lessons are part of a pre-school through college curriculum. Lessons are available as an extra curricular for a very reasonable fee. Lessons are taught Tuesday afternoons. 

Fees are per child and may be paid in one of three options: 

Annual (pay once in September) $160
Semester (pay in September and in January) $85 each semester
Monthly (pay 6 monthly payments January - March) $30 per month 

Checks and money orders are to be written out to: Debbie Dietrich

Mrs. Dietrich may be reached at:
(mobile) 262-490-5522
(home) 928-475-5960
(email) DebbieD@NativeChristians.org

Mrs. Debbie Dietrich has taught piano since 1983, using the orchestral method since 1998. She has taught 100's of children, many who are playing in our Lutheran churches today!

Debbie graduated from Northwestern Prep - now called Luther Preparatory School, in Watertown, Wisc. in 1981; and from our WELS College of Ministry: Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN in 1985. She had a desire to be a teacher since she started school in Kindergarten in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and feels honored and overjoyed to be living her dream today!

Besides teaching Music and Piano, Debbie serves as our Native American Mission Communication Coordinator assisting the Field Coordinator through on-the-reservation as well as around-the-WELS communications, emails, database, website design and maintenance, event planning, promotional items, and mission trip coordination. 

Debbie is married to Pastor Joe Dietrich, our Lutheran missionary for Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Bylas. They have served in Bylas, living on the Lutheran Mission campus since January 2017. Together they have 8 grown children, 2 grandchildren and 1 grandchild expected in Spring 2019. When not teaching and preaching, Pastor Joe and Debbie like to hike, read, travel or ride their tandem road bike. 


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