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Grade 1

We're "Firsties" on a LEARNING SAFARI

Welcome to First Grade! 
I'm so very thrilled that God has allowed me to teach FIRST GRADE! What an ADVENTURE 2020 has become with our new "LEARN-AT-HOME" Covid19 break. May God bless all you parents and us teachers as we navigate learning at home. 

Here you can peek into our Learning Safari followed by a little bit about  me, the 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Dietrich. 

Contact me by cell phone, home phone, texting or email - or message me on our POS 1st Grade Learning Safari Private Facebook group.

FOR COVID19 "LEARN-AT-HOME" Information - join our FIRST GRADE group message system by texting this code into the text message box: @1stsafari  to the number 81010 (put that where you put your telephone number you'd text to)- then you'll receive ALL important information. 

FOR COVID19 "LEARN-AT-HOME" Daily Hello Messages from me and how to use your learn-at-home packet tune into our YouTube Channel called 1st Grade Learning Safari 
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 1st Grade Learning Safari 


1. We always have lots of fun adventures on our learning safari! Here are our priorities: 
  •   enlightenedLEARN HOW MUCH GOD LOVES US - and HOW TO SERVE our LORD and SAVIOR in THANKFULNESS - through knowing and memorizing the BIBLE and the chief teaching of the Bible found in Luther's Catechism
  •  enlightened LEARN to read and write
  •  enlightened LEARN to add, subtract, identify and create shapes, patterns, count money, tell time, and more
  •  enlightened LEARN about the amazing world God has gifted us with both through scientific exploration and a study of the social-relational world (communities, government, geography etc)
  •   enlightenedLEARN the universal language of MUSIC from pitch to timbre to tempo to rhythm to melody to appreciation of all genres and cultures of music
  •   enlightenedLEARN and appreciate the many mediums, styles and excitement of color, line, form, and artistic expression
  •   enlightenedLEARN to take excellent care of our bodies in Physical Education and Health
  •   enlightenedLEARN to speak, sing, and understand common phrases and words in Apache
  •   enlightenedLEARN to LOVEheart  LEARNINGcool!

2. Communication and Parent/Child/School relationships are KEY to the student's success. To this end we will utizlize a S.A.F.A.R.I BINDER. The Firsties will bring this binder home EVERY day and back to school EVERY day. The parent/guardian or some grown up should check it daily and I will check it daily. SAFARI is our theme and stands for: S tudents A nd F amilies A re R esponsible & I nformed. 

3. Homework: Check the SAFARI BINDER!!
4. Very important: READ TO or let your student READ TO YOU every day for at least 10 minutes a day. That's proven to help the academic success from 6 months old through elementary school and set your child up to succeed in the world! 

Any questions - CONTACT MRS. DIETRICH using the information above. 

ABOUT MRS. DIETRICH, First Grade Teacher
I started teaching back in 1985 right after I graduated from Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. I taught for many years in Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grades. I then stayed home to raise 4 amazing children who are all now grown up and working, living all across the USA. While home raising my own kiddos, I continued to teach music and piano part time and develop part time preschool ministries. As my children entered high school, I got back into teaching for another 6 years. I then tried a new and excitin career line and went into Nonprofit work for 9 years, teaching adults how best to use their God-given resources to support nonprofits that served where their passions were. When my husband and I moved to Bylas so he could begin as missionary at Our Savior's Luthern Mission, I started teaching piano once again and K-8 General Music and Art at POS. Now, I'm happy to be circling back to my first and most passionate love of teaching in a Lutheran Elementary school and be dedicating my teaching energy soley to the kiddos learning to read in FIRST GRADE!

I love these two quotes: "Teaching is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire." I want to set kids on fire to learn and grow in all the unique ways God, our Creator and Savior, has gifted them. I also greatly admire the use of the arts in all teaching as I believe it helps us get "on fire" to learn. Specifically, I am motivated by Martin Luther, who said, "Next to the Word of God, Music deserves the highest praise." While explicitly and also throughout the day learning of the Word of God; we will set about with high quality music and art discovering the joy of learning to read and appreciate the beauty of God's World through math, science, social studies, physical education and more! 

My husband, Pastor Joe, and I together have 8 absolutely amazing children and 4 even more amazing grandchildren! They live in California, Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin and Virginia. They work in Engineering, Nonprofit work, Technology, Sales, Nursing, Lutheran School teaching and principalship and one is a WELS Lutheran pastor like my husband. 

Pastor Joe and I have been married since September 1, 2014 and continue daily on the happiest-ever-after adventurer that is better than we could have even hoped and prayed for. We love living in Bylas, the honor of working with the Apache people, camping, homemade cooking and baking, tandem bicycling, hiking, reading great literature and teaching!

Our Savior's Lutheran: Bottom Road (between the only two speed humps), West Side Navajo Point, Bylas, AZ
SUNDAY SCHOOL & ADULT "The Story" Apache Christian Training School (ACTS) BIBLE CLASS: 10am
 - Lots of other activities all week long - 
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Lutheran Church Info

Our School, Peridot-Our Savior's Lutheran Elementary, is part of this WONDERFUL Bible Believing Church Body. 

Pastor Joe & Mrs. Dietrich

Pastor Joe and Mrs. Dietrich while camping in Arizona!

Busy Firsties

Making boats and sailing them JUST LIKE Curious George did - an activity during our 1st grade novel unit.