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Grade 4

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Classroom Newsletter

The Classroom Newsletter is more of an update of what is going on in each of our subject areas so you, the parent or guardian, can help your student better understand the concepts.

General Notes
Every day, students are expected to write down all of their assignments on an Assignment Sheet. Students should use this Assignment Sheet to stay organized and remember what assignments are due the next day. Assignment Sheets should go home to the students' Take Home Folder. This folder should be used to bring any Worksheets, Assignments, or any other important information home such as the Monday Memo. 

Students have remained hard workers. Most seem to get their homework done as soon as they can. My rule is that students work on their missing work during recess. When it is completed they are free to go.

Starting in October and going until March, Pizza Hut along with Book It! has encouraged students to read. If students finish a book during the month. The students will receive a ticket for a free personal pan pizza. Some students have already finished a book. Please keep encouraging your child to read!

The school has been using the app, Remind, to let all the parents know about upcoming events. I have used that app to create a 4th-grade classroom. I hope to use this to update you on events or projects coming up in the 4th-grade classroom. If you are not already added to the group, please text me your number. My cell phone is (928) 961-3825.

Please look at the following headings to read about each of our classes.

Christ Light
The 4th graders have continued to study about Jesus' ministry. Students are now beginning to recite their memory work to me. Please help your child study. If your child lost their Memory 
Work sheet, you can visit the download page and click on the New Testament Unit2. This week the students will be reciting 8A - Psalm 50:15.

The 4th graders have been studying division. They finished up the unit with a test to wrap up the quarter. The next unit will deal with pre-algebra and solving equations.

The 4th graders are currently reading the 3rd novel, Mr. Popper's Penguins. The assignments are either reading some chapters or answering questions based on the readings. At the end of the novel, the students will take a test. After the test, the class will start their last novel, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The 4th graders are wrapping up their unit on water and weather. After the students take a unit test, they will be looking at Earth Science. Students will be learning about different kinds of rocks, tectonic plates, volcanoes, and layers of the earth.

I give the students a word list on the first day of each week along with a Worksheet for the students to practice. If the student loses his or her Word List, you can click on the download page under 4th Grade Spelling Lists. We will be 
on unit 27 on March 18th. On Wednesday, we have a Pre-Test. I have made a deal with the students that if they study hard and get an A+ on the Pre-Test, they don't have to take the Test on Friday. 

In World Geography, the fourth graders learned about countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia. The fourth graders now have a project with a partner on countries in Africa. The students are expected to create a Google Slide presentation and present it to the class. Parents and Guardians, you, are encouraged to help your child do research.

In U.S. Geography, the students learned about the states in the Southwest, Pacific Coast, Rocky Mountains, and the Midwest Region. Students, now are working with partners to give mini-presentations on states in the Northeast Region. Students will present to the class using some kind of presentation. They can do a Google Slide, a poster board, a trifold, or any other presentation tool.

In class, the students have learned about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and capitalization and punctuations. Now, students are learning about pronouns. Next, students will learn about adverbs.

The fourth-graders have been given writing prompts and write a reaction. Most of the prompts are
goofy, but are teaching students to think and write in complete sentences. After Spring Break, students will be learning how to write a story. Please encourage your children to write proper sentences and encourage their creativity.

In Music, Mrs. Dietrich will be teaching the different grades again this year. Music will be every Tuesday.

The students' last projects have included paper plate masks, paper weaving, and paper mosaics.

Computer Class
In computer class, the students spend the entire 2nd quarter learning about the different Google Apps, which include Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Now, students are working on Code.org. Code.org is a website that teaches kids how to code. Coding is what makes a computer run, essentially the students are programming computers.

Physical Education
We have P.E. every Tuesday and Thursday. I like to do a sport for the students to learn. The last couple of weeks, the students have learned and played ultimate frisbee. Next, students will learn how to play soccer.

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