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Grade 4

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Classroom Newsletter

The Classroom Newsletter is more of an update of what is going on in each of our subject areas so you, the parent or guardian, can help your student better understand the concepts.

General Notes
Every day, students are expected to write down all of their assignments on an Assignment Sheet. Students should use this Assignment Sheet to stay organized and remember what assignments are due the next day. Assignment Sheets should go home to the students' Take Home Folder. This folder should be used to bring any Worksheets, Assignments, or any other important information home such as the Monday Memo. 

The school has been using the app, Remind, to let all the parents know about upcoming events. I have used that app to create a 4th-grade classroom. I hope to use this to update you on events or projects coming up in the 4th-grade classroom. If you are not already added to the group, please text me your number. My cell phone is (928) 961-3825.

Please look at the following headings to read about each of our classes.

Christ Light
4th grade has wrapped up the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We have been studying Moses leading the people out of Egypt up until he receives the 10 commandments. We will continue to follow the Old Testament.
Our current Memory Work can be found in the Downloads page under "Unit 2 Old Testament." We are doing 5A, which is the 3rd Commandment and Matthew 4:10b. Students should have a Memory Work Sheet to help them study.

Students finished the Metric System before our Christmas Break. They are now learning about Area and Perimeter. One way to help your child at home is to review their multiplication facts.

I give the students a word list on the first day of each week and students need to come up with a memory cue. The memory cue can be a picture or phrase using the spelling word. In the middle of the week, I will hand out a worksheet for the students to complete. On the last day of the week, there will be a test on the spelling words. Students will be taking a test on Unit 21.
We finished How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell before the Christmas Break. We are back to our Reading Street Book and reading short stories. Recently, we read about the facts of presidents and the man who came up with the naming system of clouds.

The class has started their new unit of Capitalization and Punctuation. The class is trying to stress writing in complete sentences not only in English but in every class. This unit is reinforcing their skills.

For the next few weeks, the class will be doing writing prompts. Some prompts are focusing on the students' imagination such as what superpower they would have or if they became principal what would they change. The focus is to not only encourage their imagination but really apply the skills they learn in English class and write in complete sentences.

In the first two quarters the class learned about Life Science and Earth Science such as habitats, water on earth, and weather. Now, students are continuing their studies of Earth Science by learning about the structure of Earth, volcanoes, earthquakes, and different types of rock. 

The whole first semester was dealing with countries in Europe. Students received a project to work with a partner and present information about countries located in Asia, Australia, and the countries in between such as Indonesia. The first groups are presenting soon.

In United States Geography, students have learned the location and capitals of 15 states. They are now learning about the states in the Midwest. 

Students were working hard on learning the Christmas Program up until our Christmas Service. Now, students are learning about the different types of instruments. After they give their presentations we will be doing recorders for most of the year. We will be relearning concepts learned in the first semester by playing them on recorders.

Students so far have done paper weaving and will soon learn about paper mosaics.

Computer Class
Students have been going to the library/computer lab to learn how to type.

Physical Education
We have P.E. every Tuesday and Thursday. I like to do a sport for the students to learn. The sports include Softball, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, and many other games.

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