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Grade 4

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Classroom Newsletter

The Classroom Newsletter is more of an update of what is going on in each of our subject areas so you, the parent or guardian, can help your student better understand the concepts.

General Notes
Every day, students are expected to write down all of their assignments on an Assignment Sheet. Students should use this Assignment Sheet to stay organized and remember what assignments are due the next day. Assignment Sheets should go home to the students' Take Home Folder. This folder should be used to bring any Worksheets, Assignments, or any other important information home such as the Monday Memo. 

The school has been using the app, Remind, to let all the parents know about upcoming events. I have used that app to create a 4th-grade classroom. I hope to use this to update you on events or projects coming up in the 4th-grade classroom. If you are not already added to the group, please text me your number. My cell phone is (928) 961-3825.

Please look at the following headings to read about each of our classes.

Christ Light
Recently, the 4th graders have learned about the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and continue to learn the life of Jacob.
Memory Work is given out every Monday and Thursday. Students are expected to recite their Memory Work passages before 1st recess the following day.

Students have been learning a new type of math called Eureka. So far students have learned to represent different numbers using circles and place value charts. Students have also learned to compare and round using different methods.

I give the students a word list on the first day of each week and students need to come up with a memory cue. The memory cue can be a picture or phrase using the spelling word. In the middle of the week, I will hand out a worksheet for the students to complete. On the last day of the week, there will be a test on the spelling words. Students will be taking a test on Unit 8.
We have been taking a break from the short stories found in our Reading Street Book to read our first novel, Sarah,Plain and Tall. After this week, we will continue reading from our Reading Street Book.

Already this year, students have learned about nouns. We are currently learning about different kind of verbs and different endings.

Students have learned what is a sentence and the four types of sentences. We are currently learning about the subject and predicate. We will learn how to write in complete sentences.

4th grade has learned about ecosystems and the impact it has on organisms. In order to dig deeper, students have been given a project on endangered species. Students are to look up interesting facts on their animal, why their animal is endangered, and what is being done to protect their animal. These projects can be done on a tri-fold, poster board, a folder, or anything approved by me. The project is due Friday, October 4th. 

In World Geography, we started our in-depth look on countries of Northern Europe such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. After we take a map quiz, we will learn about countries in Eastern Europe such as Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.

In United States Geography, we learned about states in the southwest, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. Students are now doing a group project to present on the states in the Pacific and Rocky Mountain regions. These regions include California, Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, Utah, and more. 

Students have learned about the basics of music such as the names of notes and rests, and different scales.

We learned how to draw 3-D buildings and made paper quilts. We are currently learning how to draw a castle.

Computer Class
Students have been going to the library/computer lab to learn how to type. Thanks to Mr. Mundstock, we have been able to use the laptops to learn how to use Google Slides and make presentations.

Physical Education
We have P.E. every Tuesday and Thursday. I like to do a sport for the students to learn. The sports include Softball, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, and many other games.

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