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Peridot-Our Savior's Lutheran School

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This is where you can find information on any of our Peridot-Our Savior's Lutheran Crusaders' Sport Teams. If you are interested in coaching or being involved with any athletics, please contact our Athletic Director Mr. Luke Zeamer. He can be reached on his cell phone at: (928) 961-3825 or at home: (928) 475-3820. You can also email him at: zeamerlt8342@gmail.com.
Sports Commitment Form
Please click on this link to open the Sports Commitment. All student must sign this form and return it to school before joining any athletic program. Please read it in FULL so you know what is expected. Thank you!

Sports we offer:

Track and Field

Flag Football
Track and Field

Sports Updates:

Students interested in playing sports should have signed the Sports Commitment Form either at Open House or at a meeting with a teacher. If not, please visit the school to have the student and their parent or guardian sign it. By signing the Sports Commitment Form, the students are agreeing that they will show up to every practice, listen to their coaches, and stay eligible.

When a sport is about to start, a sign-up sheet will be passed around starting with the older grades. The sheet will continue to be passed to the next grade lower until there are enough students to have a team. Please talk to your child if they signed up or are interested.

The rule in school sports is students must keep their grades up. We stress that players are student-athletes, grades come before any sport. If a student has an "F" on a Progress Report in one of the subjects, the student must sit out of that sport for a whole week.

Most of our practices are held on campus and will start immediately after school at 3:15. Practices typically last one hour. Please make sure your child has a ride home after practice or let Mr. Zeamer or the school know if something happens.

Fall Sports

Softball is the early fall sport for girls. Practices start on Monday, August 26th. Softball practices will be every Monday and Wednesday, going from 3:15-4:15. Softball will be coached by Mrs. Rachel Kenton. 

Unfortunately, the league our school is apart of doesn't have enough schools with enough girls to make a softball team. However, we host our own tournament. In years past, we have had East Fork Lutheran and one of the Lutheran Valley schools come to our Peridot Invitational. The Peridot Invitational is on September 14th. If you are able to help out or want more information, use the contact information above. 

Flag Football is offered to our boys. Flag Football practices start on Tuesday, August 27th. Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday. Softball will be coached by Mr. Zeamer, Mr. Pagel, and Mr. Tony Steele.

The league does have a tournament held the week after our Peridot Softball Invitational on September 21st held at Arizona Lutheran Academy. A schedule for that tournament will be released when the tournament gets closer.


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