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Spelling Words

The following are the first grade spelling lists for the entire year! 

Each Wednesday's homework is to master the words for the spelling test on Thursday morning. 

Bold words are bonus words. 

Spelling Words – August 9
pig, pug
Spelling Words – August 16
a, I
Spelling Words – August 23
the, one
Spelling Words – August 30
you, was
Spelling Words – September 6
are, they
Spelling Words – September 13
is, with
Spelling Words – September 20
for, here

Spelling Words – September 27
can, cat, back, dad, am, bat, mad, ran, sack, at, come, way
Spelling Words – October 4
six, lip, in, wig, it, did, mix, sit, pin, fix, take, what
Spelling Words – October 11
hot, hop, pot, pop, ox, lock, mop, got, rock, mom, get, from
Spelling Words – October 18
sit, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit, hits, nap, naps, this, eats
Spelling Words – October 25
men, red, step, ten, net, let, jet, sled, wet, bed, tree, your
Spelling Words – November 1
No School
Spelling Words – November 8
crust, bump, just, jump, must, dust, trust, dusk, hunt, lump, them, home
Spelling Words – November 15
fish, then, shut, with, rush, shell, shop, trash, thin, ship, said, good
Spelling Words – November 22
No School
Spelling Words – November 29
face, made, age, safe, make, take, cage, cake, late, name, could, horse
Spelling Words – December 6
like, ride, smile, time, white, bike, dime, hide, ice, kite, who, work
Spelling Words – December 13
home, hope, rose, woke, those, bone, hose, joke, rode, stone, there, down
Spelling Words – December 20
huge, June, rule, tube, use, cube, cute, flute, rude, mule, food, water
Spelling Words – January 10
green, red, gray, pink, yellow, purple
Spelling Words – January 17
be, feet, green, he, me, see, she, tree, we, week, some, also
Spelling Words – January 24
by, try, sunny, handy, fly, cry, lucky, silly, puppy, my, nothing, always
Spelling Words – January 31
bring, trunk, pink, bank, sang, wing, rink, blank, rang, sunk, sure, were
Spelling Words – February 7
fix, fixes, class, classes, wish, wishes, kiss, kisses, bus, busses, school, friends
Spelling Words – February 14
plan, planned, help, helped, drop, dropped, call, called, ask, asked, afraid, again
Spelling Words – February 21
her, first, bird, girl, burn, were, shirt, fur, hurt, sir, done, know
Spelling Words – February 28
faster, fastest, taller, tallest, shorter, shortest, sadder, saddest, bigger, biggest, does, before
Spelling Words – March 7
way, tail, play, day, may, rain, gray, mail, afraid, train, would, about
Spelling Words – March 21
toad, boat, soap, goat, coat, oak, road, roam, loaf, toast, frog, May
Spelling Words – March 28
eat, sea, each, team, please, dream, treat, beach clean, lean, over, colors
Spelling Words – April 4
boat, road, snow, row, yellow, loaf, coat, soap, blow, pillow, found, wild
Spelling Words – April 11
lie, tie, high, might, right, night, bright, light, pie, tight, moon, above
Spelling Words – April 18
backpack, outside, baseball, herself, flashlight, bluebird, lunchbox, suitcase, inside, brainstorm, room, picture
Spelling Words – April 25
slowly, careful, quickly, useful, painful playful, sadly, gladly, nicely, wonderful, shoes, dance
Spelling Words – May 2
how, town, down, now, brown, cow, clown, frown, crowd, growl, eyes, never
Spelling Words – May 9
mouth, house, found, our, out, cloud, ouch, shout, round, count, door, loved


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